How to Train if you are Skinny Fat

There’s often a lot of confusion surrounding how you should train if you are skinny-fat (high percentage of body fat and low amount of muscle mass) . Because you need to both build muscle AND lose body fat, it can be tricky to determine what to prioritize. Although many different approaches can be successful, but […]

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Einkorn Wheat Pancakes (Video)

einkorn pancake

Einkorn Wheat vs Modern WheatI love to experiment with different ingredients in the kitchen, and one that I’ve been using a lot of lately is Einkorn flour! I sought out this grain after trying to find alternatives to the standard modern wheat which for me is hard to digest and results in many negative side […]

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How to Break a Muscle Mass Plateau for Advanced Lifters

Reading time ~20min. To go to the quick summary, click here. The basics of building muscle mass are no secret. Overload. Eat. Recover. If you have just started training seriously and are struggling to gain muscle mass, chances are that you don’t need a more advanced training program, a complicated nutrition plan, or a sophisticated supplement […]

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Calisthenics & Stair Sprints

Not every training session should be a heavy lifting day! For those times when your body is feeling a bit worn down from intense training, it’s still possible to get a productive workout in by doing a shorter, less intense workout that focuses on building up your weaknesses, improving mobility deficits, and working on your conditioning.  ​The […]

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Easy Slow Cooker Beef Stew (Paleo Friendly)

I would never have thought that I would enjoy writing a blog on how to make beef stew, but I guess that’s just what us millenials do for fun these days. I think many people avoid making stews and slow cooked meals simply because they require some planning in advance, but once you finally get […]

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Advanced Deadlift Training: Isometronics

I decided to mix up my training by incorporating some isometronics, which is a method that combines maximal isometric holds and isotonic contractions. Although not commonly used, it is actually a very old-school training method. I was first made aware of it through Charles Poliquin, who had picked it up from one of Anthony Ditillo’s […]

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