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Only New Year’s Resolutioners Stay Fat

Search trends for the term “diet” over the last 5 years Browsing through Google trends yesterday, it was interesting being able to visualize the search trends of the word “diet” over the years. Of course there’s always a big surge on January 1st coming from all the people starting on their New Year’s resolution diets. […]

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5 Takeaways from Dr. Rob Rakowski’s Nutrition Seminar

Dr. Bob Rakowski’s nutrition seminar at the 2016 SWIS symposium covered a variety of dietary and lifestyle interventions, from gut healing protocols and sleep support to nutritional cleanses used with elite athletes. Although there were a lot of specifics discussed in regards to the details of nutritional protocols, supplements, and dosages, I feel that the […]

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The Latest in the Science of Fascia

One of the more interesting presentations at the 2014 Integrative Healthcare Symposium was by Dr. Hal Blatman speaking on the advances in the science of fascia.  In the world of strength training, rehabilitation, and fitness, fascia seems to be the topic of the hour, mainly because its importance has been neglected for so long and people are now […]

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Sweat More, Stress Less, Be Anabolic

One of the most important factors in recovering well from workouts is managing stress levels.  Most people encounter stressful situations on a daily basis that pose a challenge both mentally and physically.  Avoiding stress all together is not a realistic strategy for most of us, so it is important to have strategies that help you […]

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Prepare for a Cleanse with these 4 Essential Habits

As more people are realizing the consequences of all the toxic chemicals that are being dumped into our environment, cleanse programs, fasts, and and special detox diets and supplements have been increasing in popularity.  Some people dismiss these methods as “fads”, especially so-called “conventional doctors” (who have practially no success in curing chronic conditions…), but the truth is […]

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