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Regain Your Flexibility

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that I still have a long way to go when it comes to developing my own flexibility. I’ve spent a large portion of my training career chasing higher poundage on the bar with the bare minimum time put into stretching. While I did make sure […]

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Nutrition for Surgery Recovery

A freak accident or momentary lapse in concentration during intense training is all it takes for injuries to happen. Some injuries could stall your progress for months and even require surgery. If you’re a serious gym rat, that kind of setback is your worst nightmare. Modern orthopedic procedures are more effective than ever, but most […]

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The Latest in the Science of Fascia

One of the more interesting presentations at the 2014 Integrative Healthcare Symposium was by Dr. Hal Blatman speaking on the advances in the science of fascia.  In the world of strength training, rehabilitation, and fitness, fascia seems to be the topic of the hour, mainly because its importance has been neglected for so long and people are now […]

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Sweat More, Stress Less, Be Anabolic

One of the most important factors in recovering well from workouts is managing stress levels.  Most people encounter stressful situations on a daily basis that pose a challenge both mentally and physically.  Avoiding stress all together is not a realistic strategy for most of us, so it is important to have strategies that help you […]

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