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Video: Novice Upper Body Bodybuilding Workout for Chest, Back, and Arms

To add strength and mass to the chest, back, shoulders, and arms, you first want to master the basic free-weight exercises that will provide the foundation to your program.  Incorporating dumbbell and barbell presses, rows, pull-ups, dips, biceps curls, triceps extensions, and rotator cuff exercises will give you well-rounded development to the upper body.  I […]

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Olympic Weightlifting Complexes for Size and Strength

The snatch and clean & jerk, as well as their variations (snatch pulls, clean pulls, from the hang, from blocks, from a deficit, power variations) are great exercises to develop strength, power, and muscle mass in the legs, entire back musculature, and shoulders.  With a little creativity, you can develop weightlifting complexes that suit your specific […]

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