April 7, 2016

A freak accident or momentary lapse in concentration during intense training is all it takes for injuries to happen. Some injuries could stall your progress for months and even require surgery. If you’re a serious gym rat, that kind of setback is your worst nightmare.orthopedic surgery

Modern orthopedic procedures are more effective than ever, but most surgeons neglect to provide guidance in the post-operative phase, besides taking painkillers as needed. This approach misses out on a critical opportunity to educate patients on optimal nutrition to speed the recovery process. While painkillers like Percocet and Vicodin are valuable in the initial stages of recovery, they don’t actually heal the body, and are in fact fairly harsh on the liver and gut.

Below are some of the strategies and supplements I have researched and used when recovering from my pectoral repair surgery, in addition to other less serious injuries. Continue reading on Breaking Muscle…

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Javier Garza

I'm a personal trainer by trade, working in the Midtown West area of NYC. I like to help people get big, lean, strong, and most importantly feeling good! Traveler. Gearhead. Human guinea pig.

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